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May 8, 2012

Hi blogdrive, because you have proven to be highly unrealiable despite my numerous years of support, i have decided to give up on you and move to blogger.

this is goodbye.

Posted at 01:31 pm by juneoesque
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May 7, 2012
Gastronomia with my auto pilot servant girl

i fulfilled the Na Xie Nian Lu Rou Fan. We headed to Joo Chiat's Peng Lai Ge which is now called four seasons taiwanese restaurant.

i had my black brick milk tea..

what a big cup! the black brick is still fine but the milk tea isnt as thick and nice. but still decent.

he had the lu rou fan...

the lu rou doesnt seem as good as the past and portion for the lu rou seems to have strinked. taste wise was not bad. he found it a bit salty but i thought was ok.

i had a seafood olive fried rice...

i liked the fish they had. its quite fresh. the olive rice was ok.. i think i will like it better if the olive rice was a little more salty. 

and the salty crispy chicken...

not as nice as last time already! but still not bad.

after the meal, he dropped me off at raffles place to change money for my upcoming trip and to meet camilia for dinner.

we decided to meet at battery road's Gastronomia because i bought a Groupon voucher previously. $15 for $30 worth of desserts and pastry after 5pm. ...

we shared a lagsana...

which is good!

spinach lagsana...

which has been my favourite for a long time!! i love their spinach lagsana!!

and their spinach flan!!

i likey spinach!!


and their divine tiramisu.....

with a nice, quiet, cosy environment to chit chat...

the chat was great.

sob! just found out that on my birthday, camilia is gona be in china as well. kaizhi will be in london! * POUT & SULK*

today as camilia forgot to wait for me at the escalators, we joked about how she is an autopilot palace servant who forgets about her niang niang (me!). haha.. i miss kaizhi!!

Posted at 01:19 am by juneoesque
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May 6, 2012
The floral girl zi mo hua hu!


jeraldine and myself tried very hard to get one more leg for mj today until i posted on fb and found andy!

michelle and baby alyssa came along and baby alyssa is sooooo cute and soo pretty with super long eye lashes and round eyes...

silly andy playing with her using niki's toy!

see her long lashes!!

she's so pretty! teased andy to say its his retribution, daughter so pretty next time have to worry already! hahahaha

andy said next time he will go tiong together with his daughter! HAHAHAHAHA

dinner was kfc! i seriously think this avengers burger is made for me!

because i dont usually eat the bread part of my burgers so this is just right! i no longer have to waste food or incur people telling me i waste food! hehe.. The chicken is quite tender but there is too much batter. too thick and a lil too oily.

I lost big time in mj today. lost $80 >.<~~~~~~

Jeraldine was freaking lucky! she actually won a hua hu.. which is all the 8 flowers!!

i wonder if its got to do with the fact that she always wear floral dresses! i must start putting on my floral dresses too! hahaha

Posted at 12:34 am by juneoesque
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May 5, 2012
Fabulous 30

I would say sometimes I have an amazing life with extraordinary encounters. Life sometimes let's me meet very interesting people...  encounters with these people makes me understand life better. Not trying to be chimz at all but truly truly speaking from the bottom of my heart.

of coz, i can't be too explicit for personal reasonals.

just caught the show Fabulous 30 today. So apt for me! reaching 31 in about exactly a month! btw, although the male lead is quite good looking, totally not my type! especially when he speaks! so niang!! and i think i really still prefer not so tall, a bit round, small eyes guys. hahaha

reflecting back on my birthday last year, feels a little emotional. all those delightful celebrations, particularly the one on 2nd june, the visit to the gigolo club and that two mysterious surprises of kitty mahjong and sunflowers from the driver.

so much has happened within a short span of a year.  i've met so many new people over the past year (mainly nice ones). and i've also had people come, came back to stay, came back and gone, gone.

i'd like to think.. that life can only get better. hello to all the great fabulous people. good bye to those who arent worth a space in my life.


i saw this on fb and thought its quite funny...

Posted at 01:07 am by juneoesque
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May 4, 2012
MM Costumnistas!

this morning, i asked sister if she would satisfy my year long craving of the bao gong xo fish bee hoon and she agreed! yay!

after our meeting, we headed over!

following the fashionistas friday, today we have costumnistas!

first up is methilda in her sailor attire!

as she arrived, chin heng joked and said meth looks like sailormoon today!

meth is a really kind lady. she offered me a lot of help when i first joined.

next up is becky's all black attire with centre parting....

so look like the mistress from Addam's family!!!

and finally, we have our sister leelin who is ironman wanna be....

but budget not enough! hahhaha

and here's the bao gong...

sister said that bao gong taste nicer than the one located opposite west coast plaza so i've been craving for it for about a year!

their san lao hor fun...


some pork chops...



again.. decent only. SIAN!! i was so looking forward!

prawn paste chicken...

looked so good when it first arrived. feel like stuffing it in my mouth! taste was not bad but the rest found it a little salty but i found it ok.

jera and me cam whoring...

after work, headed to meet up with Izzy for round 2 of avengers! Hulk is so funny!! avengers is sooo good!

dinner before our movie...

Posted at 12:53 am by juneoesque
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May 3, 2012
Suki-ya with Xin

arranged to catch up with meixin today!

she was so sweet! she offered to come fetch me even though we are meeting at 112 katong which is near her house...

and its my first time sitting in while she's driving!

i popped by moochi to buy some cream puffs!

been craving for them since last week. i only shared one with shan and the other one left, next day aisiah told me she finished it already. and she said its nice! haha...

so i bought enough for everyone! also got a box for xin and guan and they love it too!

and i had another review to say bread papa is nicer in terms of the cream but the puff wise, moochi's one is nicer.

i told xin i was keen to try Suki-ya over at marina square because i keep seeing long queues and it looks good and cheap! xin said she was thinking of having the same thing and its available at katong!

those items above are all part of the buffet and the most interesting thing i felt they had was the chicken cheese meatballs. the ones that are the same as gogo cheesy meatballs. its super good!

but take note to poke lots of holes and WAIT till they are not so hot when u eat them.

greedy people like moi-self got burnt in the tongue when i bite and the cheese ooozed out.

But its damn good!

and here's us being notti...

soup base we chose sukiyaki and shabu shabu...

shabu shabu is more of clear soup while the sukiya one is sweeter.

free flow of chicken, beef and pork!

and although im more of a beef person, i have to say their pork is nicer!

enjoying our meal and catching up!

for the sukiyaki soup base, xin said we should beat an egg and after you cook the meat, drizzle it with some of the egg yolk as below:

yummy! xin said its her favourite part of the meal!

but i couldnt have much coz was having diarrhea today.

present for xin!

almost forgot to take pictures together!

xin said because shes meeting me, she made it a point to make up! hur hur but i didnt make up today!

and its fun having the two doggies around..

testing the two hand held air conditioner i bought from gmarket....

i am stupid when it comes to gmarket. i find it very hard to navigate. luckily i've got crabby who helped me order! thank cute!

Posted at 01:48 pm by juneoesque
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May 2, 2012
Chanel Surprise!

I received a chanel surprise today!

thank cute!!

i was previously asked.. " do you like chanel earrings? "

I love! i don't just like! hahhaa

Posted at 01:06 am by juneoesque
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May 1, 2012
I love PHs!

thank god for public holidays!!!!!!

i had a good sleep! I love days when i have good satisfying sleep. i seriously think that song zi ran xing is inspired by me! hahhahaa

cam whoring with niki before heading out...

i love cuddling her! although i duno if its mutual but she's quite obedient when it comes to me! she will really just stay still and let me cuddle and hug her to sleep!  haha..

headed to marina square to meet up with Izzy. caught The Lucky One. A show with no major drama. a couple of touching sceen with a pair of attractive leads. relatively forgettable show though.

After the movie, we had our dinner at kenny rogers.

their good homemade iced tea...

our side orders....

was missing their macaroni and cheese and corn niblets!

and my quarter...

and izzy's fish...

like their choice of fish, not their seasoning.

and according to izzy, the best part of the meal is their muffins....

their muffins today are damn good!

and when i got home, cookie has already arrived! dear dear and family are going overseas for a week and has requested to have cookie stay over with us....

sniffing each other's butts!


and cookie actually enjoys staying in her bag like what dear dear has told us...

house is gonna be fun with two of them around!

Posted at 02:21 pm by juneoesque
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Apr 30, 2012
Bringing our mummies for 7 colours Xiao Long Bao

the day was supposed to start off well. a well planned day of free ride services for the day but somehow it got twitched.. i still got my free ride plus a not so good day.

i do however, appreciate the free ride and the encouragement (not just in words but in action... feels like im meeting an angel again) on going ahead to end what i'm not happy with. I hope your new challenge comes along great for you.

i felt a major lifter, a major load off my shoulders.

but something interesting! i bumped into Keith at my office void deck! I was really happy to see him again after so long! in fact i was just thinking about him a couple of weeks back while browsing his pictures on fb! it was great to talk for awhile and the agreement to catch up soon.

arranged with ah yee to bring our mummies out for a meal. decided on ion's paradise dynasty to let them try the 7 colours xiao long bao.

and the most important guest is Zeyu!

he is super cute! really super! his expressions are so alert and soooo cute! i love his small eyes!

we had a drunken chicken...

assorted eggs thingy...

the assorted eggs thingy taste like something my mum can make at home. haha


they were obviously overdone.

we asked for a replacement...

they gave us not so overdone.. but still overdone ones! in the end, they agreed to remove the item from the bill for us. i do not agree with places who got the things done wrong yet still proceed to serve it.

jelly fish...

their jelly fish was pretty good!

and the 7 colours xiao long bao....

one tray for mum, one for ah yee, one for jim poh!

at the end of it all, mum and jim poh likes the crab one. ah yee likes the original one. jim poh also likes the foie gras one.

the foie gras one for me and popoji (ah yee's helper.. i know, so cute the name!!) to share...

fried fish fillet...

hong you chao shou...

chives dumplings...

cong you bing...

not what i like but something joelle likes so i ordered for them to try. they agreed the skin is very nice.

seriously mum and myself were more excited about playing with lil zeyu....

looking at how happy mum is playing with zeyu, i feel that i've not fulfilled my duties as a daughter to provide her with a grandchild.

i think zeyu is uber cute!!

after the meal, we shopped around a bit and i headed over to catch avengers. Its an amazing show! fantastic!

its sooooo funny! i could watch it again! super funny!! super like!!

Posted at 01:53 pm by juneoesque
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Apr 29, 2012
The day i had glue on my bed!

well, as i have mentioned before, i cannot really take a full week of programmes anymore.


so today was supposed to be a potluck session at crabby's place to celebrate squiddy's birthday. I had already made known that i will be there after i wake up.

i woke up like around 2 plus!

i was still not ready to leave the house. i watsapp them telling them.. " i have a situation. someone put glue on my bed. im stuck "

i did offer to facetime but they couldnt get crabby's wifi working.

and i went back to sleep around 4 plus and effectively woke up around 7 pm... hahaha

but! they did send me pictures they took and made me photoshop myself in!

Happy birthday squiddy!!

Posted at 10:07 pm by juneoesque
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